From the recording That Old County Road

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Personnel --
Shannon Slaughter -- Guitar / Lead Vocal
Heather Slaughter -- Harmony Vocal
Randy Kohrs -- Resophonic Guitar / Harmony Vocal
Ron Inscore -- Mandolin
Cliff Bailey -- Bass
Trevor Watson -- Banjo
Ron Stewart -- Fiddle


That Old County Road
Rusty Hendrix / Shannon Slaughter © 2015
Sonic Hill Publishing / Elite Circuit Music

V 1
AM Radio music in the air / Country ways made livin’ good back then
Late night romance down Highway 205 / made us all good lovers and good friends
County fairs and dipping bare is how we passed the time / nothing else mattered to us all
Mama’s boys and Daddy’s girls let the good times roll / we had it made down that old county road

Mama, Mama, don’t worry over me
I’ll be home as soon as I can
Daddy, Daddy you know where I’ll be
Havin’ fun down that old county road

Midnight moonlight, slip out in the dark/ might even sneak a drink or two
Sunday morning, running late for church / creeping in to fill the sinner’s pew
Weekend once again, how far could we go, singing songs the whole long night
Dancing til the morning sun (yeah) that’s how we roll, getting down on that old county road

I go back there, some nights in my mind, when I hear those good old songs
You and me, nothing but the speakers on, doing each other right by doing wrong
Still the one, we ain’t done; been that way for years; growing up just ain’t the thing to do
Living and laughing, loving don’t get old / still got it made down that old county road